We are a company of women dedicated to lifting up the spirits of other women. One very practical way we do that is by offering our collection in a full range of sizes (00-30) with NO additional charges for where the measuring tape falls. Yes, it does actually cost more to develop and show designs in such a diverse range, but we believe in equality. No woman should feel penalized for her gorgeous curves.
Your size is not a style. We design clothes that respond to your spirit first and foremost.
"...A perfect gown is constructed like a perfect meal: a few high-quality ingredients, combined in exactly the right proportions, with careful attention to detail..."
"...With our nearly endless mix-and-matchable options and customizable design details, you are more likely to have trouble picking your favorite than to be lost with nothing to wear..."
"How will I ever choose the right gown?" is a question I hear at almost every consultation. And I often find myself telling my brides this advice:

Choosing your gown is not a logical decision.

There is nothing "practical" about a wedding gown. Almost the exact opposite, it is an object with a rare function. It is a piece of art, meant to express the kinds of feelings words cannot quite capture.

Love, hope, sincerity, exuberance, sensuality, future nostalgia.

Gratitude, celebration, faith, gravity.

Sounds like a lot to ask from a piece of clothing! What does a person wear when she is filled to the brim with these kinds of magical feelings?
Over the years, the RS team has evolved, grown, contracted, and now What started out as a one-woman operation grew over 10 years into a team of 15 amazing people, a multi brand boutique in Brooklyn, a sample sale outlet, and more.

With the multifold crises of 2020, we have recalibrated and refocused our energy back to our design DNA. As of November 2020, we are closing our Brooklyn boutique and instead opening the doors of our gorgeous riverfront design studio to brides who wish to work with Rebecca herself.

Although the waves of this year have shaken us, at our core our values will always remain unchanged. We are dedicated to cultivating an ethical environment that values positivity and respect. That respect extends to employees, our vendors and business partners, our industry colleagues, and most importantly, our clients and their families.
For more stories and peeks behind the scenes, follow along on our journal.
"...Growing up in California with a creative family of 7, the sewing machine was always humming in my home. Fascinated from the start, by 4 years old I had successfully convinced my Mama to give me lessons (a floral sundress with ducks on the straps was my first completed look!)..."
Throughout my life I've always loved fashion, but also never had quite enough money, and so the thrift store became my go-to Saturday afternoon entertainment. Evenings in high school were spent deconstructing bridesmaids dresses from the 1970s, whipping together my wardrobe from vintage scraps, and piecing together my ballet costumes and prom gowns.

At the age of 18, I scraped together enough scholarships and loans to go to the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC, where I blissfully absorbed the ins and outs of how to properly make patterns and tailor complex garments. There I fell in love with design more than ever. Here too began my exposure to the garment industry on a professional level, which revealed some ugly truths.
"...In an industry built on consumption and clearly feeding on women's insecurities, how can I keep creating things that I love and also feel spiritually fulfilled by my work?..."
It took me over a decade, several design jobs, the building and closing of one business, near bankruptcy, and innumerable tears, to begin to answer that question.

Designing wedding gowns was always my ultimate dream. I might not have ever reached for that dream fully had it not been for the sincere encouragement of dozens of early clients who believed in me. They lifted me up and spurred me on to dive in deeper.

Now, after over 10 years of making bridal gowns, I've realized this: as a designer, nothing makes me as happy as helping a woman feel like the very best version of herself. I love to help dissolve deeply seated fashion-related stresses and allow fashion to be fun again. The joy I share with my brides is what keeps me motivated, season after season.
Early studio days in Brooklyn with my 4 week old son (Jan 2014)
Feeling on top of the world at Etsy HQ