OCT. 5TH, 2020
Where to begin?! Our dear bride Michelle looked absolutely radiant on her wedding day and we love love LOVE the story of how she found her dress! Sometimes the best things happen when you least expect it! ;) We are honored that Michelle agreed to answer our burning questions along with sending these beautiful photos taken by Carina Skrobecki. Carina captured our Celine gown beautifully and was made even more gorgeous with that glow Michelle is exuding!

Wedding Date: September 1, 2020 at Dunn Gardens in Seattle, Washington.

How did you two meet?!
"We met in January 2015 at a bar in Seattle. We both previously knew of each other from our lines of work but had never met before. He walked into the bar and spotted me. Came up and introduced himself and bought Coronas for me and my girlfriends. From there a friendship grew. We started dating within the months following."

How did Charlie propose?
"My fiancé Charlie is from South Portland, Maine. On our first trip home to meet his family he took me to his favorite lighthouse from his childhood (Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse). That was in November 2016. Fast forward to January 2019 and he took me back to the same lighthouse and got down on one knee when my back was turned from him. When I turned around he asked me to marry him and then surprised me with tickets to a concert of a band that sings a song that we always considered the song we fell in love dancing to. (Band is Walk the Moon – Song is Shut Up & Dance). We went to the concert two nights later at the State Theater is Portland, Maine."

Tell us about you two!
"I'm a born and raised Seattlelite. I've been working as a Sportscaster for 10 years. My fiancé, Charlie is from Maine. He is a retired MLB Pitcher. He played professional baseball for 10 years, six of which were spent in the Major Leagues. He was playing for the Mariners when we met. Everyone assumed it was through work but I never interviewed him. He fell in love with the PNW after moving out here for baseball and we will always be grateful to the Mariners for trading for him and bringing him across the country so we could eventually meet. We have a sweet French Bulldog named Otis who we love dearly. Our biggest passions outside of work would be traveling, trying new restaurants and bars and spending time with our family and friends.

How did you choose your venue/date?
"For us, our wedding was a process. Like so many 2020 couples, we had to postpone our original date and change plans due to COVID. We were originally supposed to get married on July 11, 2020 at a place called the Fremont Foundry. But when that wasn't possible we decided to completely change course. It was important for us to still get married this year because as COVID has shown us, nothing is guaranteed and the future is uncertain. We still wanted to have a small ceremony that was special and intimate so we decided on a mirco wedding. We went from 182 guests to 15. We found the Dunn Gardens by googling 'Micro Wedding Seattle' and thank goodness we did! As soon as we saw the Gardens we fell in love with them and knew it was where we were supposed to get married. From there we went about picking a new date. We always liked Tuesdays (we got engaged on a Tuesday) so we decided Tuesday it was. We were between August and September when Charlie decided he liked the sound of September better and with Fall fast approaching we settled on the 1st so the weather would still be nice enough so we could be outside."
    Tell us about your ceremony. Was it religious? Did you choose your own readings, music, or write your own vows? Pick a detail or two to share about.
    "Our ceremony was very nonconventional. We decided we were going to have our siblings marry us (his brother, my sister). We did not have any groomsmen or bridesmaids. Sticking with our theme of non-tradition, Charlie and I walked in together holding hands and I didn't wear a veil. It was important for us to establish this was something we were doing together. That we are a team and moving forward in our relationship.

    Our siblings got ordained to perform the ceremony, however Charlie and I wrote the ceremony together because we wanted specific things said in regards to the rings and our bond in marriage. We left open areas in the ceremony for our siblings to fill with what they wanted to say about our relationship. What they said was a surprise to us as we didn't want to hear it before the ceremony. They said beautiful things about watching our relationship grow and how happy they were we found the perfect partner in each other.

    We also wrote our own vows which was probably my favorite part. These we kept a surprise for each other too. It meant so much to us to say the important things we said and promised to each other in front of a few family members and friends. I'm so glad we wrote them down so we will forever have those wonderful words to cherish.

    Following the ceremony we had a small gathering with our guests for a champagne toast and cake. Our full ceremony will hopefully be in summer 2021. I then surprised Charlie with a 1959 Rolls-Royce to take us from the wedding to a private dinner for just the two of us."
    AHHH, Congrats Michelle & Charlie! We are so excited for you and truly feel honored and so glad your mom pulled our Celine gown for you! :)
    Sending all our best to the newlyweds!
    Tell us about your dress shopping experience. Where did you find your gown?
    "I loved dress shopping! I went with my mom and sister to several different shops. We made a whole day of it and it was so much fun! I thought I found "the dress" but decided to hold off and let it sit in my mind for a while. I started second guessing it and decided to return to the shop a second time (with my mom and sister) where I ended up not liking it so much. To clear my head of that image, my mom grabbed a completely different style dress off a rack for me to try and from the second I slid it on, I knew it was the dress I was supposed to wear! It of course was the Celine gown by Rebecca Schoneveld Bridal. I loved the material, the way it made me feel, the way it actually worked with my body and didn't make me feel like I had to change anything to make it work. I felt like the simplicity was stunning and most important I felt like me in the dress."

    Where did you find your dress and how many gowns did you try on before you said Yes?
    "I went to five shops and ended up purchasing my dress from a & be Bridal in Seattle."

    How many gowns did you try on before you said yes?

    "I'd say at least 25 dresses. I had a pretty clear idea of what I didn't like going into shopping so I was able to focus on what I wanted but also try on some fun dresses I knew I would never wear but still wanted to twirl in!"

    Was the gown you said yes to what you imagined you'd pick when you started out? Yes and no. Yes in the sense that I knew I wanted clean lines, form fitting, delicate straps but no in that I didn't know what brand, what neckline or back style I wanted.

    What was your favorite part of the day?
    "Honestly, it's very hard to pick a favorite part. I truly loved it all. I would say I loved our first look (when we saw each other for the first time that day – we had waited so long to get to this moment and really cherished that we were actually able to get married given the postponement earlier in the year). Our ceremony was perfect too. I could feel the love from our few guests, family and between each other. But really, like I said the whole day. When I look back on the pictures, Charlie and I are either grinning from ear to ear, laughing or can't stop looking at each other. I feel like the images perfectly show how the day was…. Just beautiful, full of light and all the love."
    Do you have any advice to offer future brides?
    "I would say do exactly what it is you and your fiancé want. At the end of the day it's about you two and your union. Yes, it's nice to share it with your family and friends but all you will remember is how in love you are. Try not to let the small details stress you out and no matter what happens or doesn't happen on your wedding day, as long as you get to marry your person, it will be perfect."
    What was your "Old", "Borrowed" and "Blue"?
    "My old was a piece of lace from my mother's wedding dress that I had wrapped around my bouquet. My Borrowed & Blue was a penny from 1955 and a blue ribbon that my mom had actually put together for her and my father's wedding in 1980. They were both born in 1955 and she made one for both of them on their wedding day to wear in their shoes for good luck. I had these attached to my bouquet as well"

    Did you have any major surprises on your wedding day (or weekend)? Good or bad?
    "No everything was perfect! After everything we had been through with having to postpone and then replan a wedding in about a month it was like the wedding gods were shining down on us!! We had perfect weather, everyone was happy, no one got COVID. It literally was perfect and I wouldn't change a thing!"

    How did your dress feel during the day? Anything you would have done differently or anything you feelworked out perfectly?
    "I've never felt more beautiful than I did on my wedding day in that dress! I felt fantastic. It fit like a glove. Boob tape was a must with the neck line but had no hick ups whatsoever. I loved my shoes too and felt like they added the perfect amount of flare to the already beautiful dress. The only thing I would have wanted differently was to wear it longer! Thank goodness we are planning a big reception next summer (hopefully – COVID pending) and I will get to wear it again!"
    "I've never felt more beautiful than I did on my wedding day in that dress! I felt fantastic. It fit like a glove."
    "When I look back on the pictures, Charlie and I are either grinning from ear to ear, laughing or can't stop looking at each other. I feel like the images perfectly show how the day was…. Just beautiful, full of light and all the love."