FEB 26th, 2021
It's important to remember that independent bridal shops are small businesses and they care so SO much about their brides. And most likely in a way that big name companies might not. We are honored to have our gowns at our next featured retailer, Honey Bridal, as they honor and appreciate a similar notion, all of the gowns they carry are by designers who hand make and design in ateliers, not sweatshops.

So, Salon Shoutout to Honey Bridal!

This bridal shop is unlike many you may come across. And that's one of the things we love so much about them!

At Honey Bridal they are committed to serving their brides in a way that makes you feel right at home. You are free to be whoever you want to be and they're so excited to make that happen for you whichever style, color, shape, or size.
From Honey:

"Honey is a modern wedding shop where you are free to be exactly who you are. We stock dresses and separates that range from understated and untraditional to full-on ball gown. If white's not your color, or you prefer jumpsuits to gowns, that's fine. If you want to look like a Disney princess on your big day, that's cool, too. We don't judge, gasp, or ask if you're saying yes to the dress. We have comfy chairs, serve cocktails, and play your favorite tunes while you shop.

At Honey, we carry gowns made by independent designers who use ethical and sustainable production practices. We are all about the slow fashion movement, and our brides can feel good about supporting independent, female-run businesses while shopping for their wedding dress. Samples at Honey range from sizes 8-22, and can be ordered in sizes 00-32.

***LOVE that they share our same value of size inclusivity!

Owned and operated by sisters Dana and Hallie, they were so sweet to answer some of our questions to share with you!
    They also have an amazing and highly informative FAQ page on their site to answer all your questions. Very helpful when planning out your dress shopping experience. They are also very available to answer any questions outside of the FAQ as well. See? Small shops care!

    Another fun thing, is prior to Honey opening, Hallie also owns the locally sourced, handmade clothing boutique next door, called Milk!

    If you reside in the Andersonville, Chicago area, be sure to make Honey your dress stop!

    When did you open?
    We opened in June of 2017 — we're coming up on our 4th anniversary!

    How would you describe your store's vibe (or maybe describe your ideal bride)?
    Relaxed, inclusive, and irreverent. We cater to the bride looking for something a little different.

    Do you have a business partner? How did you meet and how did you decide to work together?
    We met when Dana was 7 and Hallie was born! We are sisters ;)

    Do you have any children? Pets?
    Dana has two children — Maya is 14 years old, and Mason is 11. Hallie has a retired racing greyhound named Sauvie, and Dana has a sweet brindle pup named Roxy.

    What do you do to unwind/for fun?
    We love to go out to dinner with our mom and unwind with lots of pasta and wine.