MAR. 16TH, 2022
Jasmine is another bride who didn't let the unpredictability of COVID prevent her and her fiancee Jamey from celebrating their nuptials. No delay could keep this duo from showing off their individuality on their special day. They celebrated at a very unique venue that's actually a former yarn-dying factory in Philadelphia PA.
This husband and wife duo made very personal and somewhat non-traditional choices that showed their guests their special and shared interests. It's clear they were made for each other and we love to see that.
What was your wedding date and location?
"We were married on October 2, 2021 at Globe Dye Works in Philadelphia PA."
How did you and your significant other meet?
"We met the summer before our senior year of college, in 2011, through mutual friends at school."
How did the proposal happen?
"We originally wanted to get married on October 10, 2020 and because we knew we wouldn't be the only ones, we started touring venues and researching vendors in early Spring 2019. I (Jasmine) did not want a traditional proposal (no ring, no bended knee) but Jamey is a romantic so as a compromise, he woke me up one day during summer 2020, told me he loved me while I was still half-asleep and presented me with a ring. Then we did a weekend staycation in Long Island City."
Tell us a little about yourself and your significant other. Where are you from? What do you do for a living? Do you have any fun/unusual hobbies,skills, passions?
Jasmine is from Philadelphia and Jamey is from a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia. She works in Health Promotion and Jamey is a Marriage and Family Therapist. When enjoying hobbies together, they love to drink craft beer, hike, and travel the world. They can often be found sitting side by side on their couch with Jamey playing video games and Jasmine reading a book.
How did you choose your venue/date?
"We originally wanted a day that'd be warm but not hot and October felt like the best option. Our initial scheduled date was October 3, 2020 but COVID caused us to delay the celebration to the following year. We prioritized spaces with a lot of light or that were surrounded by nature. When it came down to a large botanical garden or the textile dying factory-turned arts and events space, we chose the latter for its exposed brick, various rooms for activities, and interior style that needed minimal decoration."
Tell us about your dress shopping experience. Where did you find your gown?
"I initially went by myself to get an idea of what I wanted. Then, I went to two places with two friends, came up with a list, and spent the day with my mom narrowing things down. I went to a few dress makers in NYC and Brooklyn and tried on whatever looked cool or what was recommended to me. I'm not a princess gown person, nor did I want a strapless dress so that narrowed the field considerably. As a US size 12-14, not many places had samples that I could try on and get an accurate depiction of how it'd look so I found myself returning to the ones that had plus size women in mind when building a customer base."
How many places did you shop for your gown?
How many gowns did you try on before you said Yes?
Did you have any major surprises on your wedding day (or weekend)? Good or bad!
"No! Surprisingly everything was super smooth. We had a few guests cancel last minute due to non-COVID related illness and injury, but during the times of COVID, that was to be expected."
How did your dress feel during the day? Anything you would have done differently or anything you feel worked out perfectly?
"One thing I wish I'd done differently was really looked at my body the day of the wedding. I spent so much time focusing on exercising, sleeping, drinking water, etc. to manage my mood and the stress that I didn't realize I'd lost a little weight and needed to make small adjustments. I tend to second guess my outfit choices after the fact but I felt beautiful and comfortable so I'm happy."
"As a US size 12-14, not many places had samples that I could try on and get an accurate depiction of how it'd look..."
Tell us about your ceremony and about any specific or non-traditional choices you made for your celebration?
"We walked each other down the aisle and the ceremony was just both of us talking for a few minutes about our relationship. I thought a bit about what I wanted to say but decided to just say what felt right in the moment, which I do not regret. After we kissed, we played the theme to Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift, and walked each other back down the aisle. It was really sweet and funny and casual but romantic, which describes us perfectly."
Now that it's all said and done, do you have any advice to offer future brides?
"I did not want a wedding, I wanted to get a beautiful wedding dress made and wear it at some point during a 4 week long honeymoon! That said, it meant a lot to my husband so I got on board. The best advice I received was from a friend who said the planning process may make you regret not eloping but once you have the wedding, you'll be happy you did it. That really helped me manage my stress and know that the process wouldn't be perfect but the memories would be worth it, which they were. Also, this is a great time to flex your boundary skills. People will say the wedding is to celebrate you, then they'll make it all about them (their tradition, their expectations, etc). "Thank you for your input but *** feels more "us" so we'll stick with what we've decided" Practice it, live it, love it."
What was your favorite part of the day
"We projected two of our favorite movies (Mad Max Fury Road and Face/Off) on mute on one of the walls during the reception and it made me so happy to see our guests and even our vendors take a free moment and be so excited to see their favorite scene or watch it for the first time."
Congratulations to Jasmine and Jamey. We wish you all the happiness in the world on this next adventure in your life.
Photographer: @lovemedophoto
Venue: @globedyeworks
Flowers: @snapdragonflowersphilly
Makeup: @viksnow
Jasmine, you looked like a dream and we are so grateful that you chose to be one of our brides. We hope your happiest years together are ahead.