JAN. 18TH, 2022
I continue to be inspired by brides who have the grit and adaptability to plan a wedding during a pandemic. With so many uncertainties looming, Becca was able to pull off a truly unforgettable wedding day!

I first met Becca via Instagram, and we almost had to design her gown entirely virtually because of COVID. Luckily we were able to coordinate with A&Bé Dallas to get her in the shop to see some of our options in person. Though Becca and Danny's wedding day was scaled down to include close family only, it could not have been more sweet and special. The wedding took place at The Lytle Park Hotel in Cincinnati, OH. We adore the way Becca incorporated her non-traditional style with timeless details that were truly reflective of the bride and groom.

All of the photos below are the works of the outstanding Jonathan Gibson Photography. We can't get over the incredible moments Jonathan captured of Becca and Day's wedding day.
How did you and your fiancee, Danny, meet?
"We met in 2013 through my sister and brother-in-law. He was out with the guys and my sister had met them for lunch. She called me afterward to tell me she had met Danny, and he was just my type. I brushed off the conversation until some months later where she got us in the same place at the same time. We immediately gravitated toward each other and the rest is history."

    Did you have any major surprises on your wedding day (or weekend)? Good or bad
    "There were a few surprises, not really good or bad, just things that didn't go as planned. But, our attitude the whole weekend was that the only thing that can ruin our wedding is if we don't get married. We were game for anything and rolled with the punches.

    There was a little mix-up with our music selections — I wanted to walk down the aisle to an Avicii song (see where the tradition flies out the window) and our first dance song was played instead! No one noticed but us, and we still had a great first dance to a then-repeated song.

    My precious nephew was the cutest ring-bearer ever, but he was so excited to run down the aisle that he stopped looking and ran into a chair instead! He was totally fine, but it was the cutest moment.

    Other than that our vendors did a great job, but they were definitely battling some supply chain issues. So the flowers were a little different than our vision, but still beautiful nonetheless."

    How did your dress feel during the day? Anything you would have done differently or anything you feel worked out perfectly? (think bra choice, shoe choice, etc)
    "My dress felt great! I would probably have just worn some sort of protective cover because I had a few wardrobe malfunctions that the photographer had to fix up. They were mainly in abnormal positions where I was moving/leaning etc. I know we raised the neckline an inch, but when I wear it again, I'll probably wear some tape so I don't feel like I'm flashing the world!"

    Tell us about your ceremony. Was it religious? Did you choose your own readings, music, or write your own vows?
    "Our ceremony was really special because, with such an intimate event, we knew we wanted someone close to us to marry us. My brother-in-law got ordained and performed the ceremony, which was perfect. He knows each of us so well and played a big part in introducing us! He did a phenomenal job and it was really special that he did that for us!

    Other than that, we come from two different religions so we didn't have a religious ceremony. Just a few traditions to honor our upbringings. We aren't super traditional so we did create a modern ceremony. We wanted something that sounded like us and would be formal enough to mark the occasion but balanced enough to still feel like us."

    Congratulations, Becca and Danny! Thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of such a special event. You pulled off your mid-pandemic wedding day with so much grace and elegance! It was our absolute privilege to work with you as a Rebecca Schoneveld bride. Best wishes for a life filled with health, happiness and matrimonial bliss!
    How did you choose your venue/date?
    "We knew with COVID that we wanted to keep the wedding small. We chose to keep it to immediate family - so in all that was 15 people including our parents, grandparents, and siblings. When we started planning, we weren't sure how everything would pan out in terms of travel, so we chose Cincinnati because that meant my grandparents wouldn't have to get on an airplane.

    After that, we needed to find a super-unique space. I used to work in the wedding industry so I'm all about unique celebrations! (Hence the custom gown!) The room we used at the Lytle actually hadn't had any other wedding in it yet! We love organic modern decor, and I wanted to lean into a neutral color palette. We were sold when we saw the concrete table, black chairs, and the brick fireplace. My goal was to make it feel as if our family had come into our home for an (extra) special dinner party. Because we're hosting our reception next year, we placed a big emphasis on a great meal and a welcoming atmosphere and considering the spontaneous serenade by Danny's dad, brothers, and my grandmother, I think we accomplished just that!"

    Tell us about your dress shopping experience. How and where did you find your gown?
    "Dress shopping was interesting. I went to about 5 or 6 places and couldn't find something that was right. I always liked a little piece of this and a little piece of that. I was really frustrated but unwilling to resign myself to anything less than the dress I loved. I reached out to a wedding photographer friend of mine who suggested I look at Rebecca's dresses! The day I looked at your Instagram was the day you had posted the Kerry Skirt. I gasped when I saw it. I knew that skirt was the missing piece to my search! I messaged you right away, and we had a consultation call. But then I had to figure out how to try on this skirt just to be sure! So your team shipped it to the one retailer near me that carried your gowns, and I spent a full hour in that skirt because I didn't want to take it off. My family had a joke when I was younger and we'd go clothes shopping that I would take double the time that my sister took because when I loved something I would start dancing around the dressing room and not want to take it off. It was the same excited feeling. My sister had joined me for dress shopping and my parents were on FaceTime (thanks, COVID) and the smile said it all."
    What was your favorite part of the day?
    "There are far too many to count. I think that was the beauty of having a small event! We were able to see all of the different pieces of it and enjoy it fully. If I had to pick a top three it would be 1) our first look 2) having my mom, sister, mother-in-law, and grandmothers in the room getting ready with me 3) All of the little moments of connection, watching our two families come together and form these amazing shared memories. ... if I had to add a 4th it would be the to-go cake we took up to the room!"
    Now that it's all said and done, do you have any advice to offer future brides?
    "Figure out everyone's expectations early! We sat down with our parents and asked them what they imagined for the day before we planned a thing, that way we wouldn't have lots of last-minute, surprise requests. We also told them what we had in mind (the very small wedding), and gave everyone time to process it. Because in a lot of ways it meant we weren't having the wedding that a large number of people imagined we were going to have. But, having the conversation upfront, allowing everyone time to process, and sticking to our decision, made things a bit easier. It was important that everyone had a chance to share expectations and feel heard so that we could get on the same page and get excited for the planning process with a shared vision.

    The other thing I'd say is to do what makes you and your future husband happiest. As a couple, we aren't very traditional (we adopted a dog, lived together and bought a house before being engaged!) so we got really clear on what we wanted and then made that a reality. It wasn't traditional and was sometimes unexpected, but it felt so 100% truly like us and we're so happy with how the day came together."

      What was your "Old", "Borrowed" and "Blue"?
      "We tend to be a little anti-tradition so I was driving up to the venue and went 'OMG! I don't have the old, new, borrowed and blue!' And I was panicking. Obviously, the dress was new, I borrowed my jewelry, and considered that my "something old" as well. But the blue was the missing piece. Thank goodness your hanger straps on your gowns are blue! You saved the day when my sister pointed that out!"

      "The day I looked at your Instagram was the day you had posted the Kerry Skirt. I gasped when I saw it. I knew that skirt was the missing piece to my search! I messaged you right away, and we had a consultation call...your team shipped it to the one retailer near me that carried your gowns, and I spent a full hour in that skirt because I didn't want to take it off."
      "Our attitude the whole weekend was that the only thing that can ruin our wedding is if we don't get married. We were game for anything and rolled with the punches."
      How did the proposal happen?
      "He knew how important it was to me to have my family included. We're in Texas and my parents are in Ohio. While that typically isn't tough, we were (of course) in the middle of a pandemic, so get-togethers were rare. My parents drove the 14 hours to visit my sisters family (also in TX) and us, and Danny coordinated with them to help out! Did I mention, the week they stayed with us was also the huge TX winter storm?! He had my dad set up a beautiful display with roses and the ring while we were out walking our pup, Huxley. We came around the corner and I saw the roses and had no idea it was happening right then! I think I may have dropped the leash while he told me to open the gift. I barely got the box open and I turned around and he was down on one knee saying my full name and asking me to marry him! My mom was hiding around the side of the house to get pictures. It was perfect, who else can say they had a winter wonderland proposal in Texas?!"

      Tell us a little bit more about you two!
      "I am from Cincinnati, OH and I moved to Texas in 2012 to follow my big sister. I own my own business as a website designer. I love to bake, and I love to learn new things. I just made my first NFT, just to see if I could do it!

      Danny is from Milwaukee, WI and he's a consultant. He moved to TX in 2012 for work. He loves to work out and knows far more about finances and sports than I ever will. Right now, he's spending lots of time managing Fantasy Football teams - including two of mine (don't tell my leagues, okay?)

      We both love the little things, like sitting down for a slow morning with our daily caffeine intake and our dog. We're on a mission to find the best London Fog (for me)/Latte (for him) in the city, so we are tackling Dallas, one coffee shop at a time! Other than that, we are spending lots of time learning how to manage our first house and making lots of fun decor choices to help turn it into the home of our dreams. It's been fun to see how our two styles mesh together to create a space we both love."

      How many gowns did you try on before you said Yes? Was the gown you said yes to what you imagined you'd pick when you started out?
      "I probably tried on 4-5 per shop so 20-30 gowns? Honestly, I had no expectations! I'm not really a 'classic' kind of a person so I knew that a beautiful lace gown wasn't going to be my thing, but other than that I think I was surprised by how much I loved plain satin gowns. At the same time, when a gown was entirely satin, even if I loved the shape or the details, it felt like something was missing. I've always said I loved texture over pattern, so the Kerry skirt with the beautiful satin top just made the vision I didn't know I had come to life!"

      Did you choose to wear anything sentimental on your wedding day?
      "I did! I borrowed jewelry from my Nana. My mother-in-law, my sister, and I are all Pi Phis, and she gave me a beautiful Pi Phi bridal pin as well, so that was really special!"