AUG 13, 2020
Real Bride Jen in our Marni gown makes us smile from ear to ear. We love when a bride and dress come together so seamlessly. It's as if all the stars align. In her own words, our bride Jen says:

"Patryk and I met through the dating app Tinder in January, 2015. At the time, I was working in downtown Chicago and living with some friends and Patryk was commuting to his office downtown, but lived in the suburbs. After meeting, we learned that our families live only 10 minutes away from each other; however, by that time in our lives, if we had not matched on Tinder we likely would have never crossed paths!"

"We have spent a decent amount of time traveling throughout our relationship and always loved visiting National Parks. We went to Banff National Park in September of 2018 and spent the week doing various hikes and activities in the area. Patryk carried the ring in his backpack (the same backpack that almost fell off the side of a cliff at one point) the whole week. He was waiting for the perfect time to propose and on the last day, as we were canoeing in Lake Louise, he popped the question!"

"Given our hobbies, we knew that Denver, Colorado had a lot to offer us (for our venue). We fell in love with it when we took a trip out there and immediately knew Denver was where we wanted to have our wedding! We planned a weekend trip there to look at over 10 venues and Wedgewood Mountain View Ranch was our last stop. After our tour, we knew right away that we wanted to get married there. It had everything that we wanted in a venue. It was tucked away in the mountains surrounded by trees. There were cabins across the street for family and friends to stay. It was quiet, there was no cell signal and intermittently you could see wildlife walking around. The venue had two Saturday options left for the following year so we just picked one and went with it! About six months after our wedding we actually moved to Colorado!"

We asked about Jen's dress shopping experience...

"I was able to go dress shopping with my best friend, my sister, my mom and my baby nephew. My best friend came in from Wisconsin and my sister and nephew flew in from Arizona to be a part of the day! We went to three dress shops in downtown Chicago and had a blast, but I left without feeling confident about any of the gowns that I tried on. The next day, the boutique Alice in Ivory called saying that they had a last-minute cancellation and if I wanted, I could go try on some dresses. I had to rush out the door to make the appointment so I brought my mom only, assuring my sister that I was most likely not actually going to find one so it's okay for her to stay home with the baby. I tried on maybe 5 dresses when I got there and knew instantly when I found the one. It was the Marni Gown by Rebecca Schoneveld and it was even more beautiful that I could have imagined!"

How many gowns did you try on before you said Yes?
Was the gown you said yes to what you imagined you'd pick when you started out?

"I tried on probably 25 dresses in total throughout the weekend. I've always loved the thin strap, v neck, semi form-fitting lace dresses. Those were always the ones that caught my eye the most; however, I wasn't sure if it would work for my body type. When I tried on my dress I felt so confident and beautiful."

    We asked if she chose to wear anything sentimental on her wedding day...

    "I attached pins that belonged to my two grandmothers to my bouquet and wore another pendant clipped to the inside of my dress that belonged to my great grandmother. I borrowed a bracelet from my sister and added some of the lace that was on my mom's veil to mine!"

    "I felt amazing in my wedding dress, I wish I could wear it again and again! I feel like I couldn't have picked a better dress and I wouldn't have changed a single thing about it! I did decide to wear a strapless bra with it and I suppose at a certain angle you could intermittently see a tiny portion of it in some photos. But I wanted to be comfortable and so that's what I wore and it was no big deal! I purchased the shoes that I walked down the aisle in from for maybe $30 and quickly switched into my Kate Spade sparkly white dancing shoes which I loved. I got matching gold ones for my bridesmaids as well as some flip flops for the guests. We wanted to make sure that there were no sore feet on the dance floor!"

    "Our ceremony was outside with the mountains and trees as the backdrop. It was sunny that day but a little bit chilly so we provided blankets for the guests who were a bit cold. The weather in Colorado has a mind of its own and we knew that it was important to have a few backup plans, especially with the elevation and it being mid-October. Luckily it wasn't too cold to have it outside!

    Our friend Brock was our officiant which, in our case, made the ceremony feel so personal. We decided to have instrumental versions of some of our favorite songs to walk down the aisle to and spent a lot of time picking out the readings that we wanted to have. Patryk and I wrote the vow recitals and the ring exchange portion of the ceremony. It was important to us that we customized and had a say in every detail that we could throughout the ceremony so that it felt unique to our relationship and the future that we are starting!"
    We asked Jen what her favorite part of the day was...

    "It is almost impossible to choose my favorite part, but I would have to say the ceremony was my favorite. It felt amazing to be outside in nature, surrounded by friends and family, reciting the vows that we wrote ourselves. It felt very natural and exciting! And also, the dancing…our family and friends really know how to destroy a dance floor"
      Lastly, we asked Jen if she had any advice to offer our future brides...

      "Don't sweat the small stuff. Things might not be exactly how you want them at every moment and that's okay! There aren't many times in life that you will be able to have all of your family and friends together at the same time, so don't waste a second of it stressing out! Also, don't ask for everyone's opinions, it just causes disappointment if someone says they don't like something. It's your day so have everything exactly how you want!"

      CONGRATULATIONS JEN! You are a vision and we are so thankful and grateful to have you as one of our brides. Thank you so so much!