NOV. 19TH, 2020
Ahhhh, Peyton's wedding is so gorgeous! We love the minimalist vibes and how crisp and elegant it all was, and yet had all the heart in the world. We are so honored to be a part of it. Gannon and Peyton's wedding was captured beautifully by the very talented Laura Powers and took place at the stunning Osage House in Arkansas. Peyton found her dress at Joon Bridal in Fayetteville. Make sure to read about her experience there below!

Wedding Date: July 18, 2020. Osage House- Cave Springs, Arkansas
How did you two meet?!
"According to Gannon, we met our freshman year of college at a hangout with our friends. I don't actually remember meeting Gannon; he was just always a friend in college. One summer, by happenstance, we were some of the few left in Fayetteville (our college town) and we began to hang out very often. Our group of friends suddenly got smaller and smaller until it was just us two. One night we decided we would rally our friends to get thai food in town. We both said we would invite our respective friends, when six thirty rolled around it was just us two. Little did we know our accidental thai date would turn into so much more and a lifetime with my best friend.
    Tell us about your ceremony. Was it religious? Did you choose your own readings, music, or write your own vows? Pick a detail or two to share about.
    "Gannon and I chose not to do a first look, but we read our vows to one another before the ceremony. At the ceremony we did traditional vows. Two of my bridesmaids sang the song Broken Vessels- it was beautiful. We wanted the ceremony to be a celebration of marriage and for guests to witness our vows to one another and our creator."
    Sending all the love and happiness to you, Peyton and Gannon! So excited and touched that you chose our Celine gown!
    You looked perfect! :)
    How did you choose your venue/date?
    "We knew we wanted to be married in the Summer for sure. We fell in love with our venue. It was modern and unique and new to the area.

    Tell us about your dress shopping experience. Where did you find your gown?
    "I got my wedding dress at Joon bridal in Fayetteville. Joon was the most wonderful experience. From the moment I walked in the door, I felt so known and cared for and special! I brought my mother, younger sister and my mother in law. It was the sweetest day, complete with champagne, tears and lots of joy!

    I tried on a few different dresses at Joon, but was very unsure what I was looking for. For someone that is decisive, this was a weird position for me to be in. My mom suggested I try on the Celine dress, it was timeless and elegant. It was much more simple than the other dresses I had tried on and I was unsure. I tried it on and suddenly my decision was made. I knew in an instant - I found my dream dress. My mom told me, "when I see you in this dress, I just see you". The dress was simple, yet unique and it felt like me. I was beaming with excitement and felt so confident."

    How many shops did you go to?
    "I went to three places to shop for my dress!

    How many gowns did you try on before you said yes?

    "Hmmm too many too count!

    Was the gown you said yes to what you imagined you'd pick when you started out?
    "Actually, no!"
    What was your favorite part of the day?
    "DEFINITELY right after the kiss, walking down the aisle, hand in hand and MARRIED. We were on cloud nine."
    Do you have any advice to offer future brides?
    "It is the best day ever, don't sweat the small stuff, and soak it up."
    Did you choose to wear anything sentimental on your wedding day?
    "Something old: the bride's veil, worn by my mother on her wedding day. Something new: My wedding gown: classic yet modern. Something borrowed: A wedding ring set that belonged to Gannon's grandmother, Louise Simpson. Something blue: A heart sewn into my dress made my from my father's dress shirt...and a lucky sixpence in my shoe."

    Did you have any major surprises on your wedding day (or weekend)? Good or bad?
    "The pandemic was definitely not part of the plan, but our people rallied and loved us and it was perfect."

    How did your dress feel during the day? Anything you would have done differently or anything you feelworked out perfectly?
    "Oh my goodness, I felt so comfortable to move and breathe and dance. It was perfect."

    "Oh my goodness, I felt so comfortable to move and breathe and dance. It was perfect."
    "DEFINITELY right after the kiss, walking down the aisle, hand in hand and MARRIED. We were on cloud nine."
    How did Gannon propose?
    "Gannon knows that I am incredibly investigative and so planning an event like this without me knowing would take a lot of hard work.

    After asking for permission to marry me, he enlisted my dad for help on the engagement operation. I was working on completing summer school for my masters and was incredibly busy, this was perfect for a smooth operation! My dad said that he wanted our family to take a relaxing getaway to Big Cedar Lodge about an hour out of town to celebrate me completing the summer portion of my Masters. Gannon was going to be traveling with us- I was so excited!

    Two days before we left Gannon told me that he was very sorry, but that he would have to meet me there later because he had more work to catch up on. This was not unusual so I was not suspicious at all! As we arrived at the resort my dad said that we were a bit early for check in and we could just enjoy the scenery for about an hour. My mom suggested we go up to the chapel for a bit to sit in the AC. I, of course, made things a bit more difficult and said I would rather wait and sit on a rocking chair. Finally, my mom convinced me to go inside and I am so glad she did.

    When I walked in the beautiful white chapel, I saw Gannon waiting at the end of the aisle. My first reaction was "what are you doing here?" I knew exactly what he was doing. My eyes filled with tears. I don't remember anything he said, but I know it was sweet and all I could think about was how I was the luckiest girl in the whole wide world. I said YES! We then had a picnic, went to the spa and ate dinner at a beautiful restaurant. It was the loveliest day.

    Tell us about you two!
    "I was born and raised in Fayetteville, Arkansas. I am so in love with this town and the people in it. I am a first grade teacher. I love being outside- running, hiking, yoga, walking- I love it all. I am very decisive and loyal and love my people so much. Gannon is from Little Rock, Arkansas. He works for a company that is a supplier for WalMart. Gannon is PASSIONATE about any and all sports and love being with friends and family. We both love investing and spending time with people and are both insanely passionate about our relationship with Jesus."