NOV. 26TH, 2020
In this year of turmoil, loss, and sacrifice, I have found myself utterly grateful for one particular person: my new husband, Michael. Covid and its wreckage was going to happen whether I was still a single mom or not, whether I had love and support at home or not. I truly cannot help but feel that God pushed this beautiful person into my life and nudged our hearts urgently together, with timing such that we could make it through this unusual year with not only plenty of support and love, but even with laughter and growth.

Let me rewind and share a little bit of how our story came to be. Cause after all, we love LOVE!

Stunning photography by Nicole Wagner of Custom by Nicole
    I look forward to sharing more details of our wedding in a future post!

    Til next time ☺

    Xo, Rebecca

    We spent the summer having an absolute blast together. We road tripped around Colorado, jammed out to as many live shows as we could manage, soaked in my hot tub while staring at the stars and unravelling our minds, went to openings at the Met, enjoyed getting to know each other's friends and family, and so on. Safe to say, 2019 was the most fun, love-filled year of my life thus far.
    Fast forward to an evening that September, and as we stood on the rooftop of my shop in Brooklyn, looking out on the skyline after a rainstorm, he asked me to be his wife. He had picked out a very cool Art Deco inspired emerald ring, citing the color green as a symbol of hope and new beginnings.

    In January 2019, I somewhat reluctantly went out on a Bumble date with this tall skinny professor from Colorado. It was freezing out, and I was still blisteringly mad from my last bad date, but I was also eager to get out of my house and, admittedly, curious to meet this unusual fellow.

    That first dinner date ended up turning into a 6 hour long fascinating conversation and an immediate friendship. Soon after that, I was done for- this man blew me away with his intelligence, kind heart, insightful soul and loving spirit. For the next several months I pursued him with as much patience and grace as I could muster (a twist to my usual in so many ways!), and relatively quickly he agreed that we were pretty much perfect together.

    We decided to keep our engagement as short as possible, as we both felt this invisible urgency to making our two families one. Life is so short, we both knew, and it's never too soon to choose happiness.

    This shoot was inspired by industry friends who reacted to my engagement the way you'd expect: by insisting on making some new fun gowns and taking some photos! After all, these excuses don't come along every day.

    So my team and I created this teal green-blue satin gown with some of my favorite patterns, and finished it off with a dreamy silk chiffon cape. My accessories were provided by my dear friend Thea of Hushed Commotion.

    The second gown is one of our best-selling silhouettes, cut in a colorfully printed Italian Mikado I had fallen in love with a few months before. I always love it when brides are open to strong color, and I just couldn't wait to play with some fresh colors myself!

    We chose to hold the shoot on the Hudson Riverfront, 20 minutes from home and ironically now just up the way from where my business is now located. We had spent several lovely evenings there on various dates, and I secretly had hoped he would propose there- the views from the Rivertowns can be so romantic!

    I could go on and on about how much gratitude fills my entire being, for every aspect of life even the hard ones. When it comes to this man, the gift is so tangible and daily that I am truly overwhelmed. I am learning day by day of the deep goodness that can come out of vulnerability and love.