DEC. 17TH, 2020
Stunning photography by Roger Ellsworth at E.P. Love.
ay of Coordination by SoulSpark Events
    Happy Holidays!

    Til next time ☺

    Xo, Rebecca

    This time last year I was carefully planning all the details for our elopement. Deciding what gown to wear was overwhelming to say the least! However once I chose my direction (1880's pioneer woman in yards of French lace!), picking my accessories was pretty easy. Mainly because I enlisted friends and then trusted them to take the reins! ⁠
    I sent sketches of my gown to my dear friend Thea of Hushed Commotion, and described the general vibe and materials I liked, opting for gold tones and a mix of soft and hard textures. I paired her custom crown with a pair of statement-making stud earrings from A.B. Ellie which picked up the same metal tone and organic shapes in the crown. My veil was a gift from my friend Celeste of Celeste New York, and I love how she scattered silk petals throughout its length.⁠
    I had ordered our custom 18k gold wedding bands from Holden and went for a matte finish. We inscribed the insides of our rings with an ancient word "Omonoia" which means "of same mind" (we love history in our home! lol)⁠

    The overall effect blended nostalgia and modernity quite nicely, IMHO. Which is a lot like my style in all areas of life!⁠

    The day Michael and I got married in Steamboat Springs, CO, was bright, sunny, and bitterly cold (about 12 degrees!!). The entire morning I felt both relaxed and giddy! First thing in the morning, I wrote my vows in a card I had bought when he and I first started dating. It was so hard to find the right words... Until I did and then it all flowed (just like my tears when I read them!)

    Next, after a hearty breakfast, my soon-to-be step-daughter and I went out and got our nails done at the only salon we could find was open. Then we returned to do our own hair and makeup in the bathroom at our AirBnb rental while pumping pop country tunes. I had packed SO MUCH make up and we just went to town and had a blast being girly and excited for a few hours together.

    My day-of coordinator was on hand to help steam my gown and get me buttoned up. Michael was just in the other room, helping my boys get cleaned up and dressed themselves. Even though we had so little to do, true to my form I still managed to run 45 minutes late. Luckily, we didn't have to be on time for any guests!
    I hear brides feeling a bit lost sometimes when it comes to choosing the aesthetics and details for their wedding look. I like to encourage those who are in the creative fog to just dig a little into what makes you feel the most like YOU.

    As Marie Kondo would say, what brings you the most joy? For me, that is vintage clothes and items with story. For others, it could be crisp minimalism or others its soft, classical romanticism. Whatever your favorite style, it is fun to pick a direction and then elaborate details all around that vibe!⁠

    And if you are like me- a bit overwhelmed and frankly strapped for time and energy- I also encourage you to trust the experts around you. The bridal shop owner who recommends not only the perfect gown but also the perfect headpiece and earrings? She does this for a living- trust her!

    And if someone is pushing you in a direction that just feels off in your gut- Trust your instincts and follow them.
    I love hearing my bride's tell me their big day was everything they wanted and more. And I can say myself the whole day felt like a dream. It was meaningful and comfortable (besides the winter temps, but yet it still added to the magic!), and filled with so much joy.

    Excited to share more next week on our ceremony and all the fun that came after!
    One of my favorite things to see from bride's photos are the getting ready photos. It's that time when you're both giddy with excitement and anxious with nerves. It always seems to be filled with laughter and smiles. Your mom and/or sister help you get ready and perhaps there's a reveal for your girls or father.

    Every bride's 'getting ready' is different and my own was as well.