JAN. 5TH, 2021
In my nearly 10 years of working as a bridal gown designer, I have seen my share of overwhelmed brides. And I completely empathize with each of them! Stresses and costs can quickly snowball even for those with the best intentions to stay calm.

I always knew that if I were ever to meet my right life partner and get married again, I would need to go somewhere beautiful and elope. In my heart, eloping means leaving aside as much of the noise as possible and being fully present with the gravity of the marriage vows. I've been through a lot in the past 10 years besides running my business, including becoming a mom of 2 and living through a difficult marriage and subsequent divorce. Through all that, the hope of a new marriage would mean believing a miracle of healing could take place. So should I find myself with the chance to experience such a miracle, I knew I would want to be as fully present as possible!

(We showed you a bit from the getting ready where you can see here!)

Stunning photography by Roger Ellsworth
    Overall, it was an incredible day. I thank God everyday for Michael and his love.

    Til next time ☺

    Xo, Rebecca

    The last aesthetic detail I really cared about was my photographer. Knowing that our photographer would be one of the few people at our wedding, I was looking for someone with both a solid talent and personality. I am so blessed to have friends in this industry who are true artists, and so on a recommendation I connected with Roger Ellsworth who is based in Utah. Roger not only has a keen eye, he also has a wonderful, kind energy. It was really special sharing the day with him!

    So with officiant, rings, outfits, and a photographer lined up, we left our plans flexible. Exactly where the ceremony would take place, and even what day it would happen were left to the weather forecast. With the help of our planner, we lined up the ceremony site options of either a snowy aspen grove or the Old Stone Chapel at the Episcopal Church in town. As the trip drew closer, we saw that the forecast was dipping to a high of around 15 degrees, so we decided to go with the chapel. Michael and I worked with Lucas to create a meaningful religious ceremony, and since we weren't freezing our toes off we really took our time and filled more than an hour with song, prayer, readings, and reflection. There were several moments when we interrupted ourselves to laugh or hand one another a tissue. It was the best part of the day by far!

    I am so glad that we celebrated our marriage the way we did. In the end, we were able to be free to be imperfect, to focus on each other, and take our time with the parts we cared about most. That is what I always encourage my brides to do too. Whether you elope or have a more traditional celebration, protect yourself from all the things that can pull you in too many directions. At the end of the day, your healthy headspace is worth more than a thousand perfect photos.

    I found myself falling quickly in love with this extraordinarily kind, intelligent, and adorably tall guy from Colorado. We share a love of nature, God, and the poetry of existing, and there was no way we would ever consecrate our relationship in an ordinary way.

    After just 8 months of dating, we decided to tie the knot, and we agreed that eloping was the way to go. On a whim I suggested that we could tweak our holiday plans and get married in Colorado -- finishing up a perfect year of falling in love with our own kind of perfect ceremony. Before I had time to reconsider my own idea, he had texted his friend from grad school (who is an Episcopal priest) to see if he was available to officiate our ceremony. He was, and the plans were set.

    Last summer we had embarked on a very bonding road, which finished up in a euphoric night camping in Steamboat Springs, CO. So for our wedding, it seemed a natural choice to trek back out there, this time in the snow and with our children along for the ride, to make our bond legal in that same magical place.

    I resisted the temptation to turn our elopement into an elaborate photoshoot (but ooh that temptation was strong!), and chose to focus on a few main details. I also realized quickly that even a simple elopement can get stressful, so I decided to hire Alexandra from Soul Spark Events to help coordinate some of the on-the-ground details and day-of coordination. I'm so glad I did -- she was a lifesaver!