NOV 30TH, 2020
As 2020 has brought us changes, we've made a point to hone in on what's important to us and get back to the creative concepts that built the Rebecca Schoneveld brand.

We've also taken the time to really step back and appreciate the things and people who help us - specifically, our lovely retailers!

This new blog series is all about the most beautiful bridal shops, boutiques and salons who carry our dresses. We wanted to share with our brides just how special these shops are and the amazing people behind them!

First up, Something White Bridal Boutique!

Led by Paige Albert, the stylists at this darling shop in Kansas City are both knowledgeable and stylish - sure to help you find the perfect dress!

«ut we don't want to stop there. We asked Paige some questions to give our brides the insight as to how Something White came to be and more about the woman behind it!
When did you start thinking of opening a bridal boutique?

⁠In college! After changing my major a million times, I job-shadowed my cousin who works as a sales rep for a local bridal designer. I thought her job looked like so much fun, so I started applying for jobs at bridal boutiques to gain experience in the industry. I ended up falling in love with working with brides and decided I wanted to create something of my own!


When did you open? How big is your shop?

We are a small boutique with three fitting rooms and roughly 150 stock gowns.

The boutique opened in August of 2014 and I acquired the boutique in January of 2018.


How would you describe your store's vibe (or maybe describe your ideal bride)?

Our vibe is simple and chic. Our style is classic with a modern or unique twist.
Do you have a business partner? How did you meet and how did you decide to work together?

Unless you count my furry sidekick, Lard - I do not. BUT! I think Lard and I make a really great team.


When you were younger (pick an age) what did you think would be your dream career?

The bridal sketches in my childhood bedroom would say I wanted to be a bridal designer or wedding planner, but I always really wanted to be some sort of secret agent (still do, tbh).


What is the best part of your job?

The "yes" moment is pretty good, but nothing compares to seeing our brides after wedding day - on social media or in person. It's an honor and a privilege to be a part of our brides wedding dress shopping experience and I love to see their families grow and their lives evolve even after the wedding day!

    What is one of the most challenging parts of your job?⁠

    Balance. As business owners, we put so much into our business that sometimes it is hard to turn off or turn projects over to others.


    Can you remember and describe one of your favorite outfits from childhood?

    I think the hot pink bubble skirt and leggings in fifth grade had to be a peak, hahaha.


    What item of clothing could you currently not live without?

    Currently, athleisure! But in general, I loooovvveeee a good graphic tee and I have a pretty amazing ankle bootie collection!
    Do you have any children? Pets?

    No kiddos here - hopefully someday! But I do have a sweet (almost) 10 year old Shih Tzu named Lard who is my entire world. He's been my best friend for 10 years and we've gone through so much together - he's definitely my baby!⁠


    It's your day off. What is your morning like? ⁠

    No alarm, sunshine and coffee on the back porch and slow scrolling on my phone for house improvement inspiration.

    I'm currently into renovating my first house but to unwind, I love to go on walks with Mr. Lard or make frozen margs and listen to music on my back porch. I also love lake days or traveling back home to visit my parents or checking out new shops/bars/restaurants in KC!
    Something White Bridal Boutique will welcome you in and you can bet you and your entourage will enjoy your appointment!

    "Our goal is to create a refreshing and comfortable experience where you can laugh, smile and maybe even cry a little - all while hanging out with your entourage [ aka your favorite people ] and slipping into our exclusive selection of bridal gowns from designers around the world. We pride ourselves on giving our brides the best experience possible - from the day we meet until after your big day. We are a family and look forward to welcoming you into our gang and having a whole lot a fun while shopping the best in bridal fashion."