NOV. 20TH, 2021
In 1937, iconic songwriter Irving Berlin wrote the exquisite lines, "What do I care if icicles form, I've got my love to keep me warm. Off with my overcoat, off with my gloves, who needs an overcoat; I'm burning with love." And while I can enjoy the fact that love lights a burning flame like no other, when it comes to Berlin's sentiments on abandoning his winterwear, it's a hard pass for me.

If you're planning a cold-season wedding, you'll need a little more than your love to keep you warm. I have great news for all the cold weather brides out there: it is possible, and simple even, to stay warm on your wedding day without compromising your style. This selection of cold weather wedding dress ideas can even work to elevate your bridal look.

Peek below for four of my favorite ways to stay warm while looking fabulous at your winter (or even chilly fall or spring) wedding!

1. Sleeves
When it comes to adding sleeves to your cold outdoor wedding attire, there are several options: silk, crepe, lace, or embroidery— I love them all!

For my own wedding two years ago, I chose to design a gown in French lace with a high neck and dramatic long sleeves.

I knew I'd be outside a ton in below-freezing temps, so I also lined the whole top in an extra layer of tulle.
    My Ingrid gown is a longtime favorite. Featuring 3/4 length sleeves, this dress is cut in a silk crepe-back satin that is perfect for fall and winter celebrations.
      The Juliet gown is another personal favorite of mine. I think this embroidery works for all seasons!
        Hesitant to commit to a wedding dress with sleeves? Another option is to keep your sleeves removable, which is especially smart if part of the wedding is outside, and part is inside. Often is the case where the ceremony takes place in an outdoor setting, but the reception and after-party take place later in the evening indoors, where it can get warm. With a removable sleeve wedding gown, you can have the best of both worlds: stay cozy while braving the cold of the great outdoors, and dance without overheating during the inside portion of your wedding festivities.

        Here is my classic Alencon lace Marni gown, shown with the Victoria Lace top and without.
          2. Capes/Kimonos
          I also love a cape! A little less of a commitment than a jacket while still providing a degree of luxury and warmth that will level up your winter wedding attire.
            Here we have our Seville cape, which is so perfect for a dramatic yet minimal look. These pieces are also available in our Etsy store.
              A Kimono is another great, lightweight option for winter wedding attire that allows you to enhance your cold weather wedding look with a more boho, earthy vibe. Here, our kimono is shown with the Bali jumpsuit (both are available on our Etsy store!).
                3. Jackets
                When it comes to staying warm on your big day, jackets are a natural choice. No matter your winter wedding dress style, you can find a complementary jacket. Think leather/pleather, denim, or blazers.
                  A few years back, my friend (and bridal accessory designer), Thea of @hushedcommotion, paired an ivory blazer over her beaded customized "Gemma" gown, and it was featured here.
                    One pairing I particularly love is a ballet-slipper-pink lambskin jacket over a warm white gown.

                    We make one such jacket called Verona, photographed here with our Avery bustier and McKinley skirt (from the archives, but we can still remake!).
                      Vintage, oversized denim is another great choice for a more earthy vibe. Here, we have an oversized denim jacket styled with one of our gowns that is available off the rack in our sample sale coming up!
                        The versatility of a jacket is definitely a strength to be played upon when selecting accompaniments to your winter wedding gown.
                          4. Vintage Fur/Faux Fur
                          Stay warm while adding a touch of glamour to your winter wedding by opting for vintage or faux fur over your wedding dress.
                            For my December 30, 2019 wedding, I knew the temps in Steamboat Springs, CO, could be super low (and they were!

                            It was about 12 degrees on our wedding day!). I paired this fur and knit piece over my French lace gown, and it was a lifesaver.
                              Vintage or faux fur is always a classic option and is especially welcomed when bracing for cold weather on your wedding day.
                                Winter weddings offer you the chance to show off your creativity, especially when it comes to your wedding dress and accessories.

                                From jackets to capes to sleeves, the possibilities are nearly endless for customizing the perfectly cozy cold weather wedding dress. And the best part?

                                With options like these, you never have to sacrifice style for warmth.